From Harlem to Harvard: How Dorien Nunez Tackled the Racial Wealth Disparity

Dorien Nuñez is a New York City native, amateur astronomer, and former professional Sax player. He has celebrated 50 years on Wall Street, is a first generation college grad from Harvard, and is a proud alum of the New York City public school system. He is a co-founder of a group of Harvard Black and…

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Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz; Do the Anti-Racist Work

  In this Conversation on Race, Kamau Bell and Kate Schatz join me to talk about race, racism, and their new book they co-authored, “Do The Work, An Anti-Racist Workbook. Kate Schatz, author, activist, and public speaker.    Kamau Bell is a well-known author, comedian, and political commentator on CNN. Kate Schatz, is a feminist…

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