Race, Sentencing, and the Criminal Justice System: A Shocking Inside Perspective A Conversation on Race with Sean Wilson, Organizing Director of Dream.Org

  In this episode, Simma The Inclusionist, is joined by Sean Wilson, the organizing director of’s Justice Team. With 17 years of lived experience and direct involvement with the criminal legal system, Sean brings insight into a system that he believes is broken and in need of reform. They discuss the importance of talking…

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From Harlem to Harvard: How Dorien Nunez Tackled the Racial Wealth Disparity

Dorien Nuñez is a New York City native, amateur astronomer, and former professional Sax player. He has celebrated 50 years on Wall Street, is a first generation college grad from Harvard, and is a proud alum of the New York City public school system. He is a co-founder of a group of Harvard Black and…

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