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Episode 13 : African-Americans in the Executive Suite

Download Episode Everyday Conversations on Race with Charmaine McClarie and David Casey African-Americans in the Executive Suite   Guests: Charmaine McClarie, senior executive coach and David Casey, Chief Diversity...

Episode 12 : Race, Immigration and the Cross-race Convo

Download Episode Conversations on Race- Perspectives  from a black Ghanaian and a white Hungarian Patrick Tindana and Peter Kovacs: a Ghanaian and a Hungarian share stories and perspectives on...

Episode 11 : Hassan Zee-Race and Equity from Pakistan

Download Episode  

Episode 10 : Black, Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi-MaNishtana

Download Episode Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi and African-American, MaNishtana enters the race convo as a voice of young Jewish leaders who speak out on issues of race, racial justice and...

Episode 9 : How To Be An Ally Across the Race Convo

Download Episode  Guest is LeRon Barton

Episode 8 : Collision of Race & Religion

Download Episode Guests: Deborah Levine and Patricia Mushim Ikeda

Episode 7 : Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah

Download Episode Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People Episode 7- Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah Race, racism and racial bias are still challenges  that people of...

Episode 6: Race, Mental Health, Domestic Violence, and the Criminal Justice System

Download Episode   Race plays in important role in issues of mental health, domestic violence, and treatment. Race and whether someone is a person of color or white, impacts...

Episode 5: Redemption After Racism, How to Talk About Race With Love

Download Episode Guests Priya Klocek and Dante King equity and diversity consultants are my guests on Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People. Does it help or hinder the...

Episode 4: The Diversity Calling – Building Community One Story at a Time

Download Episode Guests – Juan Lopez and Sidalia Reel

Episode 3: Close Encounters With Teenage White Supremacists

Download Episode Guest: Bret Sweet

Episode 2: Why Are People of Color Invisible in the LGBTQ Community?

Download Episode Guests: Kevin Hawkins and Ali Marrero Calderon

Episode 1: Race in the Military; Haven for Harmony or Haven for White Supremacy

Download Episode Guests: Greg Jenkins and Stephon Williams      

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