Chinese immigrant

Episode 88: Racism, Conflict, and Asian-American Leadership

  In this conversation on race, I’m joined by Jerry Fu. Jerry is a conflict resolution coach who helps Asian American leaders advance in their career and life journey. He’s also a pharmacist. Jerry started coaching in 2017 to help other Asian American professionals deal with the conflicts they encounter at work with their culture…

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Episode 82: A Conversation on Race With Jeff Le, Victim of anti- Asian hate

  In this conversation on race, I’m joined by Jeff Le, to talk about anti-Asian hate. He has been featured in Political magazine, The New York Times USA Today,  and the Washington Post. Jeff shares his personal experience with  being a victim of anti-Asian hate and no one offering any help. “Last March we were…

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Episode 49: A Different Kind of Conversation on Race and Racism

  In this conversation on race,  “Julian on the Radio” talks to me about his experiences and thoughts on race, diversity and being the child of Chinese immigrants. We talk Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and the need to continuously build a diverse community. Julian grew up in the Washington DC  area  amongst people from different…

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