systemic racism

Race, Peace and Poverty, A Conversation with Chad Lassiter

In this conversation on Race, Simma Lieberman, The Inclusionist, and Chad Lassiter, the executive director of the Pennsylvania Human Relations Council, engage in a deep personal conversation about self-reflection and awareness of privileges, stereotypes, and behaviors. Chad shares his own daily process to engage in self-reflection on race, and his role in bringing people to the common…

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Cops Against Systemic Racism: Ed Cronin & Mike Alexander’s Journey [Part 2]

  In part 2 of this conversation on race, former police chiefs Ed Cronin and Mike Alexander, continue to address the problem of systemic racism in law enforcement, how it has impacted them personally and offer solutions. This is a deeply honest and open conversation on race, racism and the criminal justice system from two…

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Episode 80: Critical Race Theory in Education Racist, a Conversation on Race With Sonia Lewis

Sonia Lewis joins me on this conversation on race to talk about race, racism, inequity and critical race theory in education. She is a consultant and speaker in diversity, race and education. Key topics: Sonia’s decision to not salute American Flag when she was seven Sonia’s experience growing up in Richmond, California with a father…

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