From Conflict to Compassion: Jewish, Muslim, and Christian Leaders Share Their Perspectives on the Israel-Gaza Crisis

  In this powerful podcast episode, Simma Lieberman interviews three faith leaders from the Faith Trio – Pastor Ben Daniel, Ali Sheikhaslani, and Rabbi David Cooper. Each of these leaders brings a unique perspective and experience to the conversation, making it even more impactful. The Faith Trio is a group that aims to foster understanding…

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Episode 87: Amr Awadallah and Sara Speer Selber; a Muslim/Jewish conversation on race

  In this exciting and dramatic conversation on race, I’m joined by Amr Awadallah former VP of developer relations for Google Cloud, and Sara Speer Selber, CEO of Quest Essential. Amr, a Muslim who was born in Egypt, and Sara, a Jewish woman born in the US. We talk about the ability to change and…

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