Simma Lieberman

Episode 10 : Black, Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi-MaNishtana

Download Episode Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi and African-American, MaNishtana enters the race convo as a voice of young Jewish leaders who speak out on issues of race, racial justice and religion in the Jewish community and beyond. He shares his experiences, perspective and  Jewish philosophy with us in all of these areas. MaNishtana is a speaker,…

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Episode 8 : Collision of Race & Religion

Download Episode Guests: Deborah Levine and Patricia Mushim Ikeda

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Episode 7 : Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah

Download Episode Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People Episode 7- Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah Race, racism and racial bias are still challenges  that people of color  have to contend with in the pursuit of success. Engaging in everyday conversations on race, with people different than you is one way to reduce…

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