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Episode 12 : Race, Immigration and the Cross-race Convo

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Conversations on Race- Perspectives  from a black Ghanaian and a white Hungarian

Patrick Tindana and Peter Kovacs: a Ghanaian and a Hungarian share stories and perspectives on race as immigrants to the US

A cross-race conversation about race with Patrick Tindana a black African from Ghana and Peter Kovacs, a white Hungarian


Key topics:


Why Patrick Tindana had to leave Ghana for being gay


What it’s like to be from a country where everyone “looks the same” and move to the US


An African perspective on how experiencing race in the US


How Patrick and Peter developed relationships with people of different races, and cultures in the US


Why it’s important to talk about race


Recognizing and understanding the challenges of talking about race with people who are different and people  who have been traumatized


Which immigrants have more privilege and security in the US and which ones are most endangered


Why lack of empathy for people from different cultures and race cause some people to dehumanize others


Hope for the future and bringing people together


Cultural intelligence and why it’s essential to get along in today’s world


The role of sharing food and stories can play to bring people together and find surprising connections


The role that culturally intelligent white people can play to disrupt racism and discrimination


Using privilege to start conversations across race and other differences


Intentionally seeking out and engaging with people who are different


Recognizing trauma amongst different groups


Tips for having cross-race conversations about race/the need to listen and validate experiences of others


What white people do to speak up about racism

Episode 10 : Black, Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi-MaNishtana

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Jewish, Orthodox Rabbi and African-American, MaNishtana enters the race convo as a voice of young Jewish leaders who speak out on issues of race, racial justice and religion in the Jewish community and beyond. He shares his experiences, perspective and  Jewish philosophy with us in all of these areas. MaNishtana is a speaker, blogger, screenwriter and author  of two books. He is the author of “Thoughts From a Unicorn, 100% Black, 100% Jewish, 100% Safe


Episode highlights with MaNishtana:

  • Racial stereotypes within US Judaism and the outside world
  • The intersection of race, religion and social justice
  • How racism, immigration, and climate change are all Jewish issues
  • Dealing with other people’s bias, stereotypes and assumptions toward him as a Black Jewish man and an orthodox rabbi.
  • Making the world a better place for Jews of Color


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Episode 8 : Collision of Race & Religion

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Guests: Deborah Levine and Patricia Mushim Ikeda

Deborah Levine

Patricia Mushim Ikeda

Episode 7 : Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah

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Everyday Conversations on Race for Everyday People

Episode 7- Race, Racism and 3 Emmys Producing Oprah

Race, racism and racial bias are still challenges  that people of color  have to contend with in the pursuit of success. Engaging in everyday conversations on race, with people different than you is one way to reduce racism and racial bias.


It’s widely accepted that a Black person in America has to be at least twice, and even three or four times as good as a white person with similar qualifications.  Growing up in a lower-income Black neighborhood in North Carolina. my guest LeGrande Green heard his father tell him over and over,  “A Black person in America has to be at least twice as good as a white person with the same qualifications to be successful.” LeGrande used those words to  propel him  forward.  He graduated Princeton on a full academic scholarship, received four Emmy Awards as supervising producer of the Oprah Winfrey Show, and the NAACP Image Award.  Even at that level of success, he still had to confront racism,  and racial bias as a Black man in America.

In this podcast episode of Everyday Conversations on Race, LeGrande talks about his journey to the top, only to lose it all and find  himself as a Black, gay man in America.

Key points from Episode 7  Race, Racism and Producing Oprah

  • Issues of safety as a Black man in America
  • Intersectionality of race, sexual orientation (LGBTQ,) and age- “So to me aging is about wisdom and about acknowledging the past, present and how I want to live my life” (LeGrande Green)
  • The reality of race and being called paranoid for calling racism
  • Race is not a scientific reality, but it is a social construct and it’s about color
  • No matter how successful you are as a person of color, you still have to confront racism and racial bias.
  • Internalized racism, self-esteem and eliminting self-doubt that is self-destructive
  • Racism, agism and invisibililty in the LGBTQ community
  • Speaking out against racial profiling
  • Why we need everday conversations on race to eliminate racism


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